Making of the Art of Healing Studio

“Everything starts with a dream.”  For the artist in me and the artist in you…whose childlike wonder lives on, in the recesses of our being: know that your inner child has a playful artistic imagination (contrary to what you may believe).   This inner child feels abandoned and empty when we shamefully laugh, telling others things like: “I can’t even draw stick figures.” She or he shrinks in horror, each time  we value the creations of others as being inherently better than his or hers, or when we brag excessively about his or her creative talents, taking away all of the playful fun.

The inner child in us is not pretentious, but instead desires to simply be; to laugh, to explore and to play without unnecessary performance pressure.  Come explore the art loft that my inner child has prepared just for you and for me.   My desire is that  you will find the courage to bring this inner child with you.  Plan for fun in creating wonderful and imaginative works of art.  May I share the story of how the Art of Healing “Art Loft” was created

In the last year I began entertaining the idea of how to buy a large house where I could have an office downstairs for psychotherapy and an office upstairs for art.  I loved the location I was in, but with the addition of art therapy, I was rapidly outgrowing it.   One day between appointments, I wandered across the hall, and a door I had passed several times a day for nearly a year became consciously visible to me.  I thought; “hmm, I wonder what this door leads to?”  So…I asked the owner what was behind the door and she said; “Let me show you.”  I was surprised to see an office I had forgotten was there, but couldn’t perceive how it would work for the art loft I was visualizing.  The plus was that it had awesome windows

and a sink (for washing brushes).   The minus was it was in three cubicles that made it difficult to imagine being the room I wanted.  After a few days I came up with an idea that if I renovated it, I could possibly create the space I had desired.  Much to my amazement, it was affordable and could be remodeled fairly simply.  Therefore…in October of 2016 I took possession and the remodeling began.  Below are the pictures of the work as it progressed.   —Sherron Lewis, LMFT

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