Shame And Narcissism: Awakening From The Trance

Our relationship to shame is one of the most important psychological relationships to understand.  However, shame can be one of the most potentially disorganizing of all emotional experiences.  Early pervasive experiences of shame in childhood can result in later self-protective defenses which can emerge in the form of indignant rage, contempt, lack of empathy, intolerance of imperfection, blaming, shaming of others, and/or one form or another of narcissistic flight.  Still, a healthy escape from the prison of shame is possible.

In this workshop mental health professionals, nurses, and counselors will learn new strategies and interventions for assisting clients in understanding, managing and resolving past and present issues of shame based in narcissistic injury.  A firm foundational construction of the shame process and the evolution of toxic shame is offered.  Participants will learn to recognize and intervene with the many different manifestations of shame especially when it is hidden or buried.

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