Understanding and Resolving Feelings of Deprivation

Finding Your Message in Collage

Transcending Shame

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Kisii Stone, Kenya

The Therapist’s Real Self in the Clinical Encounter

As psychotherapists, we must ground our technical interventions, our relationships with patients, and core theoretical constructs in our own sense of our real self–this is precisely what patients so desperately struggle with–activation of their own real self.  It is a capacity that begins in early childhood which articulates in  relationships in early and in later years of life.

Shame And Narcissism: Awakening From The Trance

 Our relationship to shame is one of the most important psychological relationships to understand.  However, shame can be one of the most potentially disorganizing of all emotional experiences.  Early pervasive experiences of shame in childhood can result in later dysfunctional self-protective defenses.  Still, a healthy escape from the prison of shame is possible.



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