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Exploring the Dimensionalities of Who We Are.

Sherron Lewis, LMFT and Shelley Stokes, PhD

Authentic self-expression is one of the most fundamental needs and joys of being human.  Having the courage to express oneself authentically and creatively through work, play, in personal relationships, and throughout many other aspects of our lives allows us to live with passion, inspiration, and a sense of agency.  We often fear being real but in foregoing real-self expression we make peace with living below our full potential and miss the joys of true authenticity.

Giving creative voice to real-self expression requires our establishing true communication with a deeper consciousness within us — a turning inward to capture and seize the thoughts, experiences, emotions, and myriad of memories that reside inside our mind — to push beyond the limitation of words and to stand in the spaces between what may seem to be inharmonious aspects of our self to find synchrony.  The only question is one of what we will compose.

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Sit Down and Dialogue with Yourself


Sit Down and Dialogue with Yourself : Understanding the Multiplicity of Our Self-States is about finding, listening to, and giving voice to the many internal voices that come from the varying self-states that comprise that vital subjective core of authentic self expression that is the center of the complex entity that we call “me”. In this book we explore the centrally important psychological, motivational, emotional, and interpersonal processes involved in the development and practice of real-self expression.

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The Trauma of Shame


In The Trauma of Shame and the Making of the Self, we focus specifically on the nature and dynamics of shame and on how much shame comes to be involved in structuring our sense of who we are.  At toxic levels shame inhibits real-self expression and its nagging voices of self-criticism can cripple our basic abilities to self-sooth.  It can also stifle our sense of creativity, inhibit our capacity for intimacy, and limit both our sense of autonomy as well as our tendencies toward healthy inter-independence with others.  Here we discuss the process of mollifying the impact of both present and past feelings of shame and explore how we may move toward greater real-self expression.

Many books on shame and the process of healing have been written, but few have been written specifically from  a psychodynamic depth psychology perspective.   It is intended that The Trauma of Shame and The Making of the Self  will make an important contribution to that effort.

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Taking the Chance to be Real

In Letting Go and Taking the Chance to be Real we ask the question of: “Who are we really?”  The image we have of who we are, of who we would like to be, and of who we are told we are by others is a sense composed of various images which we strive to integrate and which changes over the years. This sense of self begins in childhood and grows (or is stunted) through experimenting and testing in our earliest relationships and in later relationships in life. Expression of our core “real self”, however takes courage. Many of us are afraid to take the chance at real self expression for fear of failure or ridicule, leaving us to feel unsatisfied and misunderstood. This book was written for those seeking to find a deeper insight into how to live more consciously in one’s fullest potential. It combines several years of personal and clinical experience and authentic in-depth examples of how to grow past childhood woundings and begin to express the strivings and desires of our real self.  Letting Go and Taking the Chance to be Real is about the processes involved in becoming real again or perhaps for the first time.  This book is for the all persons interested in personal growth and the enhancement of real-self expression.

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Octopus Lee is a story of resilience and recovery from life’s inevitable traumas. Lee signifies the journey we all must take in dealing with the roots of sadness and pain. This story speaks to the process of transformation and self-discovery for both children and adults.

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