Video Slide Presentation: Understanding the Self

Understanding the Self is a video slide presentation which explores the dimensionalities of who we have been, are, and may become as we strive to communicate the deeper aspects of our being. It examines the process of our establishing true communication with a deeper consciousness within us as we turn inward to seize and capture the myriad of thoughts, experiences, emotions, and fantasies that reside inside our mind.

In it we explore the multiplicity of the various, and at times inharmonious, self-state configurations that comprise our unique “the psychic symphonies”, and the role of internal reflection, the role of intuition, creativity, dreaming, imagination and play, psychotherapy; and more. In this intrapsychic and interpersonal process, the only question is one of what we will compose.


   Please feel free to watch this approximately one hour video. We will send you the link upon your request. –Shelley Stokes and Sherron Lewis 9/6/2020

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