Finding Your Message in Collage

When we are creative, we can make our unconscious become conscious.  This may, at times, involve the willingness to feel anxiety of risk or criticism but also to experience a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.  In Finding Your Message in Collage we mix paint with collaging as a vehicle to allow feelings that may be perplexing, whimsical, sad, happy, or even confusing to emerge. You need not have any artistic bent or training and you may begin to catch glimpses of your true authentic self  in what your collage is saying to you. 

The facilitators will help.  Its fun.  Its art, its role play and it’s more than that.  It’s uncovering the symbolic message of your unconscious and reaching a place of greater clarity and, for some, reaching peaceful resonance.  Some may feel guided toward deeper work which will enhance an understanding that it is not the things outside of us that lead to resolution but the inside of us that begs for attention which hold the key to many of our conflicts, issues, and problems.







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