Finding Your Message in Collage

When we purposefully allow a time and place for artistic adventures, it may surprise and delight us to discover magic just beneath the surface of our everyday life: a world waiting to be uncovered and anticipating its rebirth into consciousness.

We often fantasize about a world that would be more fun than the one we currently live in.  Perhaps that is because we once lived there as children but were hypnotized into accepting a life that the ones who shaped us preferred.  Because this dream may evoke anxiety and fear,  in order to feel safe we return to the world we have learned to live in.

The beauty of artistic creation is that it allows us to enter into this long-forgotten world.  In entering this world, we find parts of us that were left behind as we grew into the adults that we now are.

Once upon a time we  freely lived in this playful world beneath the surface and  didn’t need anyone to show us how to create.  We simply created.  As our development continued through the years, however, we may have forgotten who we were as creators and began taking on the evolving life that was summoning us.  Our playful imagination had been moved into the unconscious realm.  Once we understand this our creativity can return and we can begin to live, laugh, play, imagine and love again.

In Finding Your Message in Collage we may integrate painting with collaging.  Since this type of creativity does not require any artistic bent or training there is no need to feel competitive, and your collage will be your unique art.  You may even begin to catch glimpses of your true authentic self in what your collage may reveal to you. 

As the facilitator, I will assist.  Its fun.  Its art, its role play and it’s more than that.  It’s uncovering the symbolic message of your unconscious and reaching a place of greater clarity and, for some, reaching peaceful resonance.  Some may feel guided toward deeper work which will enhance an understanding that it is not external things that lead to resolution but that it is our internal world that beckons for attention and holds the key to many of our conflicts, issues, and problems.



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