Transcending Shame: A Management and Recovery Workshop

Shame is an emotion we all experience from time to time, however, when shame becomes toxic, it can become one of the most disorganizing of all emotional experiences.  Shame can include a variety of thoughts, behaviors, moods and feelings which can interfere with meeting our core needs and disrupt our sense of healthy entitlement and self esteem.  Shame-prone identities can develop and become painfully evident over time (Harper and Hooper, 1990) and emotionally reactive, harsh, and overly self-critical voices can result.


This workshop focuses on the processes of healing and recovery.  Recognizing, managing, and resolving the various symptoms and manifestations of shame, both conscious and hidden, is central to this process.  Participants will develop a fuller understanding of the shame process, how toxic shame evolves, how shame can become hidden and buried, and the relationship of shame to other psychological and emotional problems and behaviors.  Strategies for managing and/or resolving past and present issues of shame will be addressed.


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