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Exploring the Dimensionalities of Who We Are.

Sherron Lewis, LMFT and Shelley Stokes, PhD

Authentic self-expression is one of the most fundamental needs and joys of being human.  Having the courage to express oneself authentically and creatively through work, play, in personal relationships, and throughout many other aspects of our lives allows us to live with passion, inspiration, and a sense of agency.  We often fear being real but in foregoing real-self expression we make peace with living below our full potential and miss the joys of true authenticity.

Giving creative voice to real-self expression requires our establishing true communication with a deeper consciousness within us — a turning inward to capture and seize the thoughts, experiences, emotions, and myriad of memories that reside inside our mind — to push beyond the limitation of words and to stand in the spaces between what may seem to be inharmonious aspects of our self to find synchrony.  The only question is one of what we will compose.



What Daughters Learn from Fathers and Sons Learn from Mothers

Shelley Stokes, PhD and Sherron Lewis, LMFT

The bond between fathers and daughters and the bond between mothers and sons are quite special and reciprocally deep in their impact throughout our lives, especially when it comes to self-esteem, relational health, decision-making and our sense of self and of life’s meaning.   The father serves as a positive model of the masculine for his daughter and also serves as a safe and playful interactive regulator of fear and aggression.  The mother serves as a model of the feminine for her son and, also, provides a core foundational structure for the development of his internal sense of a secure self.  Also, from infancy through adulthood, daughters help their dads to more empathically understand women, sons help their moms to more empathically understand men, and, reciprocally all learn to better understand themselves.

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