Shame versus Grace

What would happen if instead of judging another person, we offered him or her unconditional grace?  I remember reading that in certain regions of South Africa, when someone does something wrong, he or she is taken to the center of the village and surrounded by his or her tribe for a time while they speak of all the good he or she has done.  In this tribe, individuals believe each person is good yet sometimes he or she  makes mistakes, which these people recognize as a cry for help. 

The New Art Loft!

“Everything starts with a dream.”  For the artist in me and the artist in you…whose childlike wonder lives on, in the recesses of our being: know that your inner child has a playful artistic imagination (contrary to what you may believe).   This inner child feels abandoned and empty when we shamefully laugh, telling others things like: “I can’t even draw stick figures.” She or he shrinks in horror, each time  we value the creations of others as being inherently better than his or hers, or when we brag excessively about his or her creative talents, taking away all of