Resolving the Deprivation Mentality Workshop

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We all may have occasional doubts about our self-worth, our degree of happiness, and may wonder if we are making the most of our lives.  Feelings of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and/or financial deprivation can occur for all of us (ourselves, our friends, partners, or others) even in situations where actual deprivation is not present.  The challenge is to find a proactive internal voice that is non-judgmental and is open to questioning, one that is largely free of negativity and therefore can be problem-solving, creative, and structure building. 

The experience of deprivation can cross all segments of socioeconomic and educational strata.  Over the course of this workshop you will gain insight into how early ingrained ideas of deprivation have shaped your current perceptions and how to rewrite the script in moving away from a deficit mentality.

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